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Use Outsmarter to:

  • block websites you don't want to visit again
  • set time limits for Facebook, games, chats..
  • wave good-bye to all your online addictions!

(or watch the video to see how it works)

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What is special about Outsmarter?





Set time limits


Outsmarter lets you set limits for addictive websites. The ones which are useful or funny - so you don't want to completely give them up, but you feel like wasting too much time on them.


With outsmarter, you can set daily or hourly limits. For example:

  • limit Facebook down to 2 hours a day. You'll be able use Facebook any time during the day until you reach your limits;

  • make Youtube available only on weekends and avoid being distracted with silly viral videos during the workweek;

  • set Twitter availability for 5 minutes every hour, which let's you feel updated without losing your mind.



Temptation under control


Setting blockades wouldn't make sense if you could easily turn them off, right? That is why in outsmarter you cannot change the limits you've set for yourself. Once decided, there is no cheating! Even uninstalling the program won't help.


But what if you really need to? OK, here's the trick: you are able to change your settings, but any extended limits will start working... tomorrow. So if you really want to spend more time on a certain website - all right, but first you have to wait 24 hours*.


This way you will never follow an impulse and spend another night on.... [name your favourite time-waster]. Outsmarter helps you make conscious decisions and control your online habits.


*to be more precise: less restrictive limits need to wait 24 hours, more restrictive limits will work instantly.




Stop online addictions


Should any of your websites deserve a total ban - you can rest assured that outsmarter will take good care of it. Just set a website as "blocked" and you will never see it again.


If you want to set a blockade for your children or employees - it works just as well.


You will get this note in place of a blocked website. You can also set your own landing page if you wish - which is useful when you don't want to show that outsmarter is being used.




Focus mode


This is a great option when your trying to get yourself to work, but somehow you cannot stop clicking here and there: online music, breaking news, blogs or Wikipedia. Sounds familiar?


With Focus Mode you simply hit a button - and the whole world wide web goes dead for a number of minutes (or hours) you specify. 


This allows you to start working and catch the flow - and the rest goes much easier from that point. 


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